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A Brand Identity includes many different elements, like a Favicon.

If you just asked yourself, “What the hell is a Favicon?”

Stick around and I’ll tell ya, ’cause you’ll need one!

Brand Identity for Eude. View HERE.


👍Logos (Primary & Secondary Logos, Submark, Favicon)

👍Color Palette

👍Typography Styling



👍Social Media Assets

👍Style Guide

This list goes on, but these one’s are standard for a complete Brand Identity.

Let’s start with the first one…


Your logos will appear everywhere you market your business! It’s important they reflect your brand’s personality, are memorable, unique, and legible.

PRIMARY LOGO — This logo should be versatile and used as often as possible; on your Website, Signage, Products, Business Cards, Packaging, Social Media, etc. Using it often builds memorability around your brand.

SECONDARY LOGO — Counting on your Primary Logo to solve all your marketing needs is like shooting for the stars. That’s where the Secondary Logo comes in. For example, this logo might be more horizontal, to better fill an area when your Primary Logo won’t cut it.

SUBMARK — A Submark can be a Monogram, Abbreviation, Icon or Symbol that is closely tied to your Primary Logo. It’s a simplified version of your Primary & Secondary Logos. It's great for Email Signatures, Website Footers, Social Media Profile Pictures, etc.

FAVICON — When you have an open tab on a website, there is a little icon at the top of the tab. That’s their Favicon. Talk about looking put together! It’s like going to a party and bringing a side dish. You’re immediately perceived as a thoughtful, intentional and professional.

Brand Identity for Enduro Essentials by Rich Larsen. View HERE.

Business Cards for Hood River Powersports. View HERE.


Complete your Brand Identity with a Custom Color Palette and Typography Styling.

COLOR PALETTE — Color influences the feeling your audience will get from you brand! Sometimes it can be the first thing they notice about you. Even if you want a simple 2 or 3 color palette, there is a key to their use in order to hit just the right tone.

TYPOGRAPHY STYLING — These aren’t the fonts used in your logo. They’re the paragraph font, headline font, subheading and accent font. You’ll use these fonts online and in print. These fonts impact how your audience perceives your brand. It’s a dance finding the perfect pairing of typography that will compliment your logos and colors, while also further conveying the voice of your brand.

ICONOGRAPHY/ILLUSTRATIONS — These can be great to visually communicate a message. On a product they can highlight ingredients. On a service list they can quickly convey the benefits of the process. Aside from communication, they add more flair and personality to the brand.

PHOTOGRAPHY — Photography can differentiate your business in a big way. Consistency is important here. With my clients, I create a photography direction board to give them guidelines on photography subject matter, composition, lighting, color, and more.

SOCIAL MEDIA — If you'll market your business on social media, consider the visual elements you may need: templates for posts, iconography, highlight covers, banners, etc. Also consider the messaging you’ll need: Post descriptions, hashtag strategies, bio, etc. A good Brand Designer will have gotten to know your brand on a deep level and could offer assistance here with the messaging, and certainly on visuals too.

Signage using logo for Seaside Luxe Group. View HERE.


The Style Guide details how to use your final files to ensure the best results. It will keep your business on brand as you spend your days creating content and working on marketing materials or your website. This guide will help you keep it consistent!

Here are some completed Style Guides I created for my clients -





Creating these deliverables doesn’t happen with the snap of the fingers.

It takes intention, strategy, understanding.


A business needs a logo, color palette and typography styling. Some piece it together as they go. 👎 This can be a missed opportunity to have a thoughtfully designed brand identity. When the entirety of your goals and vision are considered, and design elements are created to fit that path, then you can keep focusing on what you do best in your biz and keep moving forward!


If you need a Brand Designer and are ready to start seeing what’s possible, connect with me. Contact me HERE to start the conversation. Or learn more about my services HERE for some details about my strategic process.


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